................ Dän Lee Dimke, BS, MBA, PhD


Dän Lee Dimke became a published author at the age of 14 and has since written or narrated more than 100 books and audio presentations in a wide range of subject areas, including business, education, marketing, science and self-mastery.

Since beginning his college teaching career at the age of 17, Dr. Dimke has traveled and lectured at educational institutions throughout the world. At 20, he developed one of the first rapid reading systems for use with Mandarin Chinese and other non-alphabetic languages during a sabbatical in the Far East. Dr. Dimke speaks six European and Asian languages and reads nearly a dozen other human languages as well as five computer languages. Using accelerated learning techniques, he was able to learn to speak the Mandarin dialect of Chinese in just 18 days. His personal reading speed tops 25,000 words per minute.

Currently, Dr. Dimke serves as the CEO of the Internet information-marketing firm, future-world.com, with representatives and customers in more than 122 countries. He is also a popular speaker and guest lecturer for a variety of private and corporate clients, on subjects including Asian Cross-Cultural Communication, Accelerated Learning, Innovative Marketing Methods, and Disease-Reversing Diet Secrets.

In 1999, he stood vertually alone in publicly predicting that the then looming "Y2K Crisis would go down in history as perhaps the greatest non-problem of the 20th century." He is a vocal proponent of global negative population growth, gender equality, energy conservation, and the aggressive development of alternative energy resources to limit global dependency on, and conflict surrounding, diminishing supplies of fossil fuels. He is especially interested in advancing the concept of a whole-food plant-based diet for promoting health, longevity, humane animal treatment, elimination of global hunger and planetary resource sustainability.

Dr. Dimke holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of the State of New York as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology and a Doctoral Degree in Education with a specialization in Psycholinguistics from Southwest University. He is also a SCUBA diver, jet helicopter pilot, hypnotist, astronomer, futurologist, and celebrity impressionist. Dän plays more than 20 different musical instruments and has lectured and performed for audiences on four continents.